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    [Competition] AC-Web Cake Bake

    Hey everyone! I'm Xcynic, 23 years old. I live in Sweden with my girlfriend and my dog. I work part-time as a Kendo sensei. On my spare time I exercise, hang out with friends and family, design vBulletin styles and work on a private server.

    As you all can see now, I'm the new moderator on Ac-Web. The only reason I applied for this job is because I want to make Ac-Web a better place for everyone. I feel that every member should be able to enjoy and experience a positive atmosphere and environment. So to kick start this new era, I introduce a competition!

    Bake a Cake

    This is a competition for all you cake-crazy people out there!
    It's simple. Bake a Cake and the winning entry[s] will be awarded.

    • The cake must have the text Ac-Web on it. With any ingredient that works with a cake.
    • A picture with the text Ac-Web must be submitted and visible.
    • It must be a real cake, you should be able to eat it.
    • Only one cake per user.
    • Participants must submit at least two pictures of their cake from different angles.

    • First Place: $20 (USD), VIP rank and 100 reputation.
    • Second Place: $10 (USD), VIP rank and 75 reputation.
    • Third Place: VIP rank and 50 reputation.

    Deadline and Other Details

    All entries must be submitted before the 8th of September (submit your cakes as a response to this thread), after that the cakes will be voted on by the community.

    Good luck and have fun!

    Current Entries:
    Bigmamma 12
    Jessica Rose
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