Description: The cool 3.3.5 server has Opened
Some INFO's The server is based on trinity core , and fixed up nicely by our staff , There will be starter gear vendors(capitals) , There will be mount vendors that sell 1 of the most basic flying mounts and ground mounts
, So after you have got your starter gear , gemmed and enchanted up you will start hitting the bgs each , so that will alow players to have the feeling of accomplishment and the feeling that they didn't just get it. Once the players have a full set of Relentless , they will need to start farming arena to get a 2k+ raiting so they can buy Wrathfull, once they have the raiting each pice of Vicious will cost , 3500 honor , (alot harder) along with this , at the same time without needing arena raiting other mounts will cost the same ,more comming soon!
-You will get for start relentless gear,level 80 and some mounts !

Server is:
Instant 80
Starter PvP Gear
Starter Weapons
All BG's Work
Eearn gear by FFA or Arena,BG's
Server is hosted on:
-Proc Intel Core i7
•Disk Space: 250GB
•Ram: 6GB
•Transfer: 2.5TB
•Windows Server 2008
•6 CPU Core's

Join us: