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    Artilles, I see you use objectDock, put all programs u use on there, and then hide the icons on your desktop, will look way better and that way object dock will actually make a purpose on your desktop. Just a suggestion

    anyways, here's mine:

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    Rofl, blah thought my picture would be better than this. <Edit> Oh well that's vista for ya.

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    Apr 2008
    in your bed

    i like spacey stuff so ye thats mine and its calld pillars of creation

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    Here's My Updated One Since I Got A New Monitor.

    1680 x 1050

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    Red face out of boredom post your screens

    okay so im bored and i decided how to fix that boredom i want people to post screenshots of there screens


    Q: why
    A: because it fun

    Q: this is stupid and has been done before why should i do it?
    A: because people change there screens around after a while also it gives you something to do.

    Q: what if i flame you?
    A: may that infraction teach you the reasons not to flame :3

    !!please reduce pictures to a actual visible size no need to blowup the forum!!

    my screens

    internet[firefox FTW]

    my desktop

    please try to have fun with this im just trying to lively up the forum community


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    Screenshots about what...? Just everything?
    Well okay... here is an screenshot and i hope you like it

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    Here is myne P.S this is retail account
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    C++/C#/Java Coder
    I like to keep it clean...

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    Mar 2009
    On my ship, for I am a Pirate Ninja!

    I am getting XP tomorrow, trying to, and I'll post a new one. Once I get XP my computer can run all my games, Halo1,2, and CE, CS, L4D, WoW, CoD, and everything else.

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    I want rep to get SPU!

    Post Your Desktop

    Well, I searched and found nothing. So I made this.

    Post a picture of your desktop.
    Feel free to comment!

    Here is mine

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    Less on mine...

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    here myne i use a program called desk space that gives me 6 desktops so i can keep stuff a little more organized note:do sent display stuff on other sides unless i bring them near to the front

    you pretty much drag your desktop round to the side you want and it notifies you of any activity on other desktops



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