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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
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    The Rules of AC Web


    A set of policies all users of the community must follow.
    Please take a moment to read this. It's important.


    Degrees of Spam

    Spam of any kind is bannable in respect to how excessive.
    Account usage for the purpose of spam consequently results in a permanent ban.
    Spam in PMs is harshly bannable.

    Please report unsolicited personal messages. Click here to learn how.
    And never quote spam. Nor should you respond to spam threads.


    Never insult others. Negativity may only be expressed in professional criticism.
    A first offence, even if minor, is punishable with a two day ban. Continuation is far more severe.


    Provoking others without necessarily insulting is still an offence.
    Furthermore, rebutting abuse may hold you viable as well.

    Read Abuse Policy & Enforcement for more information.



    All content on AC Web must be legal by international law, aside emulation.
    No rips. No cracks. No illegal software of any kind.
    Pornography is as well strictly banned.


    You may promote your own emulation servers, hosting services and personal portfolios.
    Other websites are not tolerated, particularly forum communities, or the like.


    All content that is not your own must be properly credited.
    Your replies to a thread may only be to that thread. Send your private chats to the blogs.
    Please understand the difference between personal messages and public messages.
    Additionally, signatures on AC Web are not permitted. Placement of such violates this code.

    Language Usage

    Write in English only.
    Racism, sexism, and prejudice to any demographical group is strictly prohibited.
    Profanity is absolutely fine, but be aware of our abuse policies.



    You may only give points to posts you find worthy of recognition.
    Never trade (rep4rep) points, ask for points, or promote an implication of that in any way.
    You may not give points for bringing up posts (bumps) or to alias accounts.
    And no rep pooling or spreading.

    Account Usage

    Your account is yours alone. Do not grant anybody else access.
    Do not sell the account or it may be revoked.
    Do not impersonate the staff or you will be permanently banned.

    Reporting Scammers

    You must provide hardcore evidence to prove your case.
    Remember whatever happens outside of AC Web is not in our purview.


    Refer to Abuse Policy & Enforcement.

    Evading a ban will result in an extension on the evaded accounts and primary account.
    Occasionally an infraction or warning may be served for the most minor offences.
    Infractions and warnings do expire, but all punishments stay on record.

    We have an absolute zero tolerance approach to these rules.
    If you've found anything or anyone in violation of the above, please report them.
    It is the only way the staff will be aware. Click here if you are unsure how.

    Upon joining AC Web you have automatically subscribed to our rules.
    Respect them at all times. Thank you.

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    Exclamation What is AC Web?

    What is AC Web?

    This is a highly populated forum-based community on the subject of World of Warcraft emulation. Though it serves other various purposes and user opportunities, AC Web's focus is on private servers and such related content. We provide opportunities for users to interact and promote their own projects. At AC Web servers can become known and even famous. Job seekers can always find what they need and employers can always recruit from a massive range of talent. Releases such as repacks or cores settle in a perfect home here gaining interest from thousands of users.

    I, myself, am no WoW contributor or even have anything to do with the subject. Yet I have found home here in the General sections of the community. AC Web truly is about the people, how the people participate and how others react.

    Some here have made their reputation from WoW project leadership, some from hosting services, others from assisting those in need of help, yet others in graphics design, and I have made my reputation from wacky and amusing articles and games.
    What will you make your reputation from?

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    Exclamation AC Web Navigation Guide

    Navigating in AC Web

    So you're completely lost and have no idea what to do.

    The homepage of AC Web is the main forums page. This is the page where you can view the various sections and have fast navigation to other parts of the forums. A handy tool in navigating at ease when you are not on the main page is to use Forum Jump located at the bottom of your page.

    While at the bottom of the page, observe to your left a small selection box with "-- Pulse" written on it. Pulse is the theme (or skin) you are using. You can change this by selecting the box, then selecting "-- Dark". So if you prefer clear white themes, go with Pulse. And if you prefer darker and perhaps 'cooler' themes, go with Dark.

    To the top of the page you will notice the following navigation bar:

    By clicking on the User CP you go into your profile's settings as well as a few other features.

    These are the possible panels you may see in your User CP.

    New Subscribed Threads: See below in 'How to Create a Thread' for details.

    Subscribed Forums: In 'Forum Tools' located at the top of the section you are in, you can select 'Subscribe to this Forum' which displays it in your User CP as it would in the main forums section.

    Subscribed Social Groups: In every social group, you can subscribe to it through its options which works just as Subscribed Forums. To get started with Social Groups, click here.

    Latest Infractions Received: Hopefully this panel will never have to appear in your User CP. It displays the latest infractions moderators have given you for violating the rules.

    Latest Reputation Received: This is where you check how much rep you have, rep messages, and the location of where you were +repped. Though it only displays the last 5 reps you've received, you can click on the rep button on any post of yours to see what rep has been given to that post.

    Your settings are in the following column:

    It is fairly self-explanatory. Everything from password changes to avatars to private message folders can be located in that navigation bar.
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    Exclamation Guide on Creating a Thread

    How to Create a Thread

    Ensure before creating a thread you are doing it in the right section of the forums. Please view the "Where do I post" guide first in the Contents to see if you are making a thread in the right section.

    Also ensure before creating a thread you use AC WEB SEARCH to see if the thread you wish to create already exists.

    The above image shows where Search is located so that you can type in key words of the thread you wish to create BEFORE getting into it. In writing a thread, given it is in the right section and there is no same topic already existing, you now need to know how to make it presentable.

    Above is displayed the creation stage. Notice the '[TAG]' in the Title. When creating a title, you'll want to tag your thread depending on the section you are posting in. In the Graphics Discussion section, for instance, commonly used tags are [REQUEST] and [SHOWOFF] which both say different things about the nature of the thread.

    Your message must be in English, preferably comprehensive, and can be stylized using BB Code to make the message more visually attractive or presentable. If you would like a complete list of BB Code please click here or here for a complete list of smilies.

    You will notice there are additional options for your thread as well as regular posts. Here is a more thorough look into it.

    Automatically parse links in text: URLs will automatically be in BB Code.

    Disable smilies in text: Smiley commands will not automatically convert to smilies, and instead remain as raw text.

    Attach Files: Attachments will be displayed at the bottom of the post which can be downloaded by other users.

    Thread Subscription: Subscriptions can be viewed in the User CP and can notify you via email but, unlike Private Messages, cannot notify you as a forum popup.

    Post a Poll: You can post a poll by checking the box. Adjust the number of poll options before clicking 'Submit New Thread'. Once you have done that, you will be redirected to the poll options where you can write your poll and finally submit the entire thread.

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    Exclamation Guide on How to Report

    How to Report

    A report is simply a message which gets directly sent to the moderation staff regarding the violation of a rule in a post. In every post there is a report icon which you use to report that user of not abiding by AC Web’s rules. This then goes directly to the moderation staff who immediately take action to solving the issue you state in your report.

    Reports are the moderation staff’s PRIORITY. You send a report of a particular post, and the moderation staff will look at it as soon as they can to concur if your report is legitimate and what action needs to be taken against the violator.

    How do I report? This is how.

    STEP 1.
    Click on the report icon within the post of the user you wish to report.

    The image to the left shows the location of the Report icon in the Pulse theme (default) and the picture to the right shows the location of the Report icon in the Dark theme.

    STEP 2.
    Write a nice, logical explanation what the user has violated.

    It’s that Easy!
    There is no need to sign your name. The moderation staff will know who reported who.

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    Exclamation Guide on How to +Rep

    How to +Rep

    +Rep essentially means ‘Add Reputation’. Rep is a system of collective points in AC Web which governs your rank. Your rank then governs your account rights. The Rep system is ONLY to be used as a means of acknowledging someone else’s contribution to the community.

    If they help you with some trouble you’ve been having, they have contributed, and in most cases deserve +Rep from you.
    If they have constructed a very helpful project or released such data they made, they have contributed, and deserve +Rep from you.

    NEVER are you allowed to +Rep others for no reason of contribution. It MUST be because they contributed to the community or dealt with a support issue of yours.

    DO NOT rep back, do not rep trade, do not ask for rep (directly or indirectly), do not rep for the sake of spreading, and do not rep senselessly to someone who has not properly earned it.

    How do I rep? This is how.

    STEP 1.
    Click on the reputation icon within the post of the user you wish to rep.

    The image to the left shows the location of Rep in the Pulse theme (default) and the picture to the right shows the location of Rep in the Dark theme.

    STEP 2.
    Write a logical reason why you are giving that reputation. And submit.


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    Exclamation AC Web Ranks

    Ranks of AC Web

    Once you start out in AC Web, you do not have a rank title. You are able to give +rep, but the reputation jewels will be grey giving a value of 0 which become green once you hit Member rank. Below is the requirements for each rank so you can see how advancement works here and what the differences in rank mean.

    Member: You must have 2 posts and 2 days being registered to achieve this rank. Once you are a member, you can use BB Code (the default vBulletin code) in your posts. Your rep value also becomes 1 and changes any previous given rep from 0 to 1.

    Veteran: It requires 50 rep to achieve this rank. No additional privileges are rewarded at this rank. at the 100 rep mark a user's rep value is at 2.

    Senior: It requires 150 rep to achieve this rank. No additional privileges are rewarded at this rank. At the 200 rep mark a user's rep value is at 3.

    Power User: It requires 300 rep to achieve this rank which allows the user to access the AC Web ChatBox, create a custom title displayed below their name, and access the Power Users Section of the forums which acts as its own General Chat section. Power Users also receive a light green name. At the 300 rep mark a user's rep value is at 4. At the 400 rep mark a user's rep value is at 5. At the 500 rep mark a user's rep value is at 6.

    Super Power User: It requires 600 rep to achieve this rank. Other than a bold light purple name, no additional privileges are rewarded. At the 600 rep mark a user's rep value is at 7.

    Legend: It requires 1,000 rep and 4 awards to achieve this rank. Other than a bold dark purple name, no additional privileges are rewarded. Unlike, predecessors, this rank is manually granted, and is currently the highest known publicly accessible rank.

    Donator: $15 USD for one year of VIP access. Donate here to recieve access to the AC Web ChatBox, custom title ability, access to the VIP Section (including several sections and premium releases), new maximum of 1,000 stored private messages instead of 50, pre-releases from AC Web Development Team material, and an exclusive one-time ability to change username. Donators also receive a bold purple name. The Donator rank replaces the Member, Veteran, and Senior ranks, but stacks onto Power User and Super Power User ranks. If a user donates three times, equivalent to $45, they earn the Aficionado Award.

    Graphics Team: Chosen by the administrator, the Graphics Team (GFX Team) is a board of devoted graphics artists dedicated to creating and managing the graphics and overall ambience of AC Web. Graphics Team artists design exclusively for the benefit of the website for official content. Users are only chosen when they have shown great strength in the graphics community and applied much of their time for other AC Web users.

    Moderator: Chosen by the administrator, this rank makes the user a staff member of the community with abilities such as deleting, moving, merging, and closing threads and posts. A moderator is obligated to maintain the community and ensure all AC Web rules are abided by. Do not ask to be a moderator. Only if you are seen qualified to handle this obligation maturely and frequently, you will be able to apply for it. Moderators also obtain black names. The Moderators are Devo, Sdyess and Xcynic.

    Super Moderator: Chosen by the administrator, this rank is a promotion from Moderator rank. This rank gives the user the ability to ban other users, edit posts, social groups, visitor messages, profile configurations and other such content with a few additional powers including that of IP address analysis and full moderation access in all sections, above all the Moderation privileges. Super Moderators, like all staff, have black names. The Super Moderator is Unlimited.

    Administrator: Jargs is the administrator, founder, and owner of AC Web. The administrator has full access to the website database and dictates the ranks below. This rank cannot be obtained.

    Banned: AC Web has various means to prosecute violators, including closure of accounts. If an account is banned, it purely implies they have violated a certain rule which constitutes that punishment. Not all bans are permanent, though, as some may be for temporary suspension. So ensure you check the rules thoroughly, abide by them, and then you should never find yourself with this rank.

    To view the full AC Web staff, [click here].
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    Reputation System Explained

    Reputation System Explained

    Wonder how the system exactly works? Here it is, in a nutshell.

    Once you join AC Web, you start with 1 Reputation Point (users from 2010 and before started with 0).
    From here you already start with 1 Reputation Jewel (or bar), and 1 Reputation Power.

    So what exactly are these things?
    Reputation Points: The count or sum of 'Reputation', which can be viewed in the User CP or given, as shown here.

    Reputation Jewel: A jewel, or bar, is simply this . It can be green (positive), red (negative; ), grey (neutral at 0; ) or dark grey (disabled; )

    Reputation Power: This count is how many Reputation Points you can deal to other users. Go to Home to view how many you have.

    This image displays how many Reputation Jewels are equivalent to your Reputation Points. As you can see, from 0 to 500 points, every 100 points through grants one more jewel. But at the 500 mark, every 200 points through grants one more jewel. At 1500, your jewels have reached their limit.

    You'll also notice at 500 and -500 onwards to both extremes, the added Reputation Jewels are of a slightly lighter shine. This is, of course, useless.

    Reputation Power

    Reputation Jewels are, ultimately, useless beyond the materialistic desire to show off. Reputation Power, on the other hand, is what's really important. Constantly, through every 100 reputation points from 1 onwards grants another Reputation Power. Here is a chart for clarity:

    -999999 to 0: 0 Power
    1 to 99: 1 Power
    100 to 199: 2 Power
    200 to 299: 3 Power
    300 to 399: 4 Power
    And so on...

    So if you have 500 Reputation Points, you also have a Reputation Power value of 6. This means when you give Reputation Points to other users (+rep), you are actually giving 6 Reputation Points to them. If you had 1600 points, you'd be dealing 17 points, naturally.

    Exotic Reputation types: Negative and Disabled

    In order to obtain a negative Reputation Jewel, one must get Reputation Points deducted (-rep) so much that they drop below 0 points in total. Only Super Moderators and Administrators can actually deduct Reputation Points. If you happen to receive this, blame me, Unlimited. The number of deducted Reputation Points depends on half of the user's Reputation Power, if given normally. However, if a large amount of points get removed, the points are most likely reconfigured manually. This has in the past occurred due to excessive illicit trading of points.

    Similarly, only Super Moderators and Administrators can disable Reputation Jewels. Once disabled, whatever jewels were once present are replaced with a single dark grey jewel. The user's reputation system is still active, and they can still obtain points, but because the jewels are hidden, it is unknown to the public how many Reputation Points they actually have. They may also choose to restore the jewels at any time.

    That's it! There's nothing else to it.

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    Exclamation Contact


    There are several ways to communicate with staff which all depend on the circumstances.

    If you see a post or user violating the rules, PLEASE report it, and do not provoke the violator. Reports go directly to the staff and are the Number One priority for Moderators. If a moderator has not yet attended to a report, it means they are unavailable at the moment. In a report all you need to write is the situation and the staff will know what post you are reporting.

    Because the report feature is only associated with posts and comments, you may use it to report a user for other specific reasons. This is the best form of communication for such matters.

    But if the matter is more personal and not suitable to be a report, you can freely contact Unlimited by sending a Visitor Message. If you do not wish other users to see your message, you can simply request to talk and discuss it privately over MSN.

    The administrator should be the last person you'd need to contact. Situations can be brought over to the moderation staff who can direct it to Jargs, the administrator.

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    Exclamation Quick Links

    Quick Links


    User CP – This is the control panel of your account where you can manage everything from your avatar, to custom options, your profile, private messages, and where you can view your previous Rep and Infractions.

    Private Messages – This board can easily be accessed anywhere on the forums by viewing the top right corner as well as the User CP. This is where your private message will be including your inbox and sent messages.

    Avatar – Give yourself some class and style. Get yourself an avatar which is displayed below your account name in every post you make. They can be animated but must be no greater than 80x80 pixels or 19.5 kilobytes.

    Account Details – Edit your general account details here including your location, About Me tab, contact details and email & password.

    Click on your username to view your user profile or someone else’s to view theirs. Engage with other members. Get to know your community. Befriend them by clicking on “Befriend <user>” in the Friends tab of their profile to the right, or “User Lists” just below their name of their profile. Be responsible, communicative, respectful, and fun.

    Enjoy your membership in AC Web.

    Not a member yet? CLICK HERE and join the community.

    Credits and Special Thanks
    Some parts of this guide have been grabbed from various people. The following should be acknowledged:

    QQrofl for The Rules
    Bjerkeng for this
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    Exclamation How to be a True AC Webian [OPTIONAL GUIDE FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO READ]

    How to be a True AC Webian


    "To truly be respected you must be respectful"
    In AC Web you don't get "+rep" because you demand for it, or it you insulted someone in a humorous manner. You must respect the community and the people in it. A community is made up of people. Hate the people - and you hate the community. A community that hates you obviously will not act pleasant around you.

    "Thou shall not flame. Thou shall not spam"
    Yes, the most irritating, yet irresistible disrespect to a community. It is important that one gives positive criticism at all times and occasionally positive support to fellow AC Webians. Never give criticism negatively, and never throw out irrelevant flame posts because you want to be known. A man who talks little yet with quality is a man of high status. But a man who talks much yet full of shit is a man who shall never succeed until he understands his wrongdoing.

    Spamming, as well, is completely intolerable and only influences flaming to occur. If you want to flame leave the community, but don't unleash that demon in the open. Remember, when you flame or spam you violate the rules. When you violate the rules you receive warnings, infractions, or bans. Avoid that; avoid flaming and spamming.

    "Be active. Be proactive"
    If you are active on the forums, you should take initiative for any issues that brew. Moderators cannot check every post produced, so it is your duty to be as proactive as possible to clear some issues up yourselves. Start by using the report button. If someone flames on the forums - DO NOT FLAME THEM BACK. It will only create a heated discussion leading to nowhere but chaos. When they flame you should ignore the insults and constructively ask of them to stop. A good procedure is: 1. Report them. 2. Constructively approach them. 3. Always be respectful but proactively demanding. 4. If no changes occur, report again.

    "Creativity is your middle name!"
    Be interesting for once - no, not painfully annoying. Either it's the way you change your avatar, constantly do graphics work for other respectful community members, or perhaps the simple, but always engaging, jokes you play out from time to time. Do you want to be the businessman walking shoulder by shoulder with others like you - same suit - same tie? Or perhaps do you want to be the man walking in front of them in a Hawaiian shirt? You will find people praise you more for your efforts if you create 'zing' about yourself. It is important for a community to share diversity in order to become unique. So ask yourself what you can do to be different.

    "Listen, listen again, then act"
    Every action has a consequence. Sometimes those consequences you may not understand. When this occurs, ask yourself "Did I misread a rule or perhaps not read a rule?" ALWAYS read stickies regarding rules and regulations before making inquiries. So please respect the rules given to you. They are there to make the community most enjoyable. If you do not think so, go ahead, protest, but make it proactive and respectful to the community. If you don't like something - never complain - try to reason and request.

    "Never complain without reason"

    "The REAL laws of relativity"
    When you post something slightly long, try to re-read quickly for anything you have missed out on, replaced, erased, or made completely irrelevant. Sometimes your posts simply may not make sense. That's okay though, because you can edit that post. But when it comes to posting deliberately irrelevant comments, in most cases that would not be considered acceptable, and may call for a deletion.

    "Join wisely or come back wiser"
    Join the community with your personal 'zing' and way of making people adore you for simply who you are and what efforts you can make in AC Web. Don't start a "Hi, I'm new" thread. Like in society, you are asked to respect the rules, the rules do not allow such threads. If you would like to be known, remember "patience is a virtue". You simply cannot attain success by demand.

    We all make mistakes, and if one of your mistakes was causing trouble on AC Web, then respectfully apologize, and if the other members are 'True AC Webians' they will understand that. Apologies are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of acknowledgment for right over wrong - when a person understands the rules finally and wishes for people to accept that.

    "Control. Control. Control."
    You'll come across moments where you disagree with the other person frequently. It is important to hold your ground if you choose to argue, but also to keep control. Respect the opposition, criticize them constructively, and approach the situation in an intellectual manner. Do so, and you can avoid several pages of flaming and hostility. Do not and you'll find your argument with your opposition a burden on yourself and them which could potentially pull more people into the argument making one large flaming session. On AC Web this simply must not occur. It is your duty to control yourself. You cannot control others, but by setting yourself up as a role-model, they should follow.

    "Cause and effect"
    Opinion and fact are two contradictions which should be used wisely. Your opinion should be clearly stated so that people can understand that. If people counteract to your opinion, it should be acceptable as they are entitled to their own opinions. You should never retaliate on your opponents in an unprofessional manor. Backing up opinion with fact is okay, but your opinion needs to be rational. When you state a fact and people counteract to that, site a source or give a logical reason; there should never be a time where you flame them for not believing your statement.

    Cause and effect; for the statements you make, there will be an effect. Whether negative or positive you must always approach the situation rationally. Remember, if things get out of hand, the best you can do is to report and reason with them constructively. A good practice is to check before you post; ensure you abide by the rules and ensure you post respectfully.

    "The use of content"
    Content is the form of writing you post and the media you add. The maturity of this content depends on who you direct it to – but there are limits, as what you post is public to the entire community. You will notice language is uncensored, as well as images, and posts are not filtered to be moderated. Although you are not restricted on using course language, you should never use it for the pure purpose of flame. It is not the words that are harmful - it is the context.

    What the community cannot tolerate, however, is pornography and racism. Be careful with what content you post and always think before you act if the content is suitable or not. If it is not, change it before posting. If it is, and all the rules are followed, you should have no trouble. Restrictions will be made to your account if you persist to use explicitly harsh content in the community. Restrictions are given for you to learn from your actions and for the rest of the community to develop without inappropriate behavior.

    "Independence and dependence"
    Be a role-model; do things right even when many others do not. Often people will listen to those that do not brag about their just actions. When one does it, and others begin to see the person’s success, others will join in. But you will start to see that you cannot succeed without the approval of others. It is other people who give you reputation, other people who comment on your contributions, other people who move you ahead in AC-Web. And so, you should give what they want; this is the dependence of others. It is like having a shop; naturally you sell what is most on demand. Being a role-model will only succeed if you be the role-model AC Web wants. Of course, everyone has their own perspectives, so one contribution cannot possibly win all, but if you diversify you should find yourself renowned in AC Web.

    "Understand the goal"
    To reach a goal you need to understand a goal. In this case, the goal is becoming a quality reputational figure of AC Web. You need to understand foremost that your rank status means nothing! So what, you're a Super Power User? Should you receive an honorary award with that? You might even be the lowest rank of all but still have more respect than a very well known flamer (oh, I wonder why). You also need to understand the concept of "+rep". +rep is to promote your status of rank - not to promote your status of respect. If you want the respect of others - respect them, befriend them, and even entertain them. Flaming will not get you far whether you think it or not. In addition, never ask others of +reps. Reputation trading is cheating and giving a nice ‘fuck you’ to the remainder of the community who contribute for this. If you trade for reputation, you get punished by the moderation staff. Continuation of any violation will likely be result in greater restrictions for your account. Also, you need to understand this is no 1, 2, 3 easy task. Learn the values of this guide, and use them to approach that goal - not to instantly achieve that goal.

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    Exclamation How to be a True AC Webian [PART II]

    "One for all. All for one"
    You can take your stand and say ‘No’ to the flames. You can take your stand and say ‘No’ to the spams. But can you take your stand and influence others to follow with you? As I have said, be proactive. Make a difference on AC Web by being the "one" to follow this guide and showing off your devotion to supporting AC Web and allow "all" to follow you. Maybe you'll make a social group, maybe you'll make a thread for tracking issues on the forums, or maybe the little things will give it away for more people to get motivated. Help the community, and help yourself in return.

    "Change. What is it good for?"
    Change is a classic way to develop a community especially if it is a growing forums community. However, change may not always be for the best. For instance, change may occur when a wave of flame impacts a forums community or a wave of inconsistent community support.

    How does change occur? Someone or some people cause change in a community through influence or more forceful means. So it could be you to set the new wave of change in AC Web, and it hopefully will be a positive influence to us all. My suggestions? Get yourself back into gear and even recruit others to the community so that we can rejoice in more releases whether it is graphics, music, or any media to support the many others. It is fundamental to start from the root up and bring back, bring forth and bring in those who can flourish AC Web with more releases. Why are releases the focus? Because beyond the feeble chitchat is data, data which many members join for to begin with; these are your releases. Make a change today, and make it for the best.

    "The little boy cried wolf"
    If you have not heard the tale, then in a nutshell it is about a boy crying out "wolf, wolf" to excuse himself from something he is not fond of, and finally when there is a wolf nobody believes him after all the times he lied. This story is much like your reputation on AC Web. Interpret reputation in as your community’s trust with you and ‘wolf’ as any immature behavior. The more you behave in a way people despise, the lower your real reputation (this is not +rep but instead how people respect you) goes. Finally when you learn to mature your behavior (perhaps after realizing your previous behavior was not working or even just maturing in age) the trust you shared with people before will remain unless you can change this significantly. Making a post saying ‘I have changed and please believe me’ or ‘the new me’ will not gain people’s trust and respect for you. Because of your previous faults, your name will become an instant tag and bad mental reaction to others who interact with you. You can start a new account and give up all hope, or you can earn your respect back the right way. You put the pressure on yourself when talking before thinking and so the method to pull yourself back up to 0 will not be an easy task. If you are mature enough, you will know what to do to repent for your mistakes. You will never get anywhere until you behave maturely. Even a slight change in your behavior makes a difference and shows you are on a road to earning your reputation back.

    "Moderation, cooperation"
    The moderation team is the staff responsible for regulating and supporting the community. The reports you make go to this staff body who check daily what issues people have brought up, and if they are legitimate enough to be dealt with. If a report has not been dealt with, it is likely the moderator did not find a legitimate reason to act on it. If this may be the case, you can always send a second report (never spam reports), but if no action is taken, talk to the moderation staff responsible about the matter. Bare in mind, there is a little thing in life called constructive criticism. I ask of you to constructively approach the matter and cooperate accordingly.

    "Act now and be rewarded". Please understand these terms.
    Respect your community.

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    Exclamation Abuse Policy & Enforcement

    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Abuse Policy & Enforcement

    AC Web has a strict policy against user abuse, otherwise called 'flaming'. We really do not take this matter lightly, and if you find your experience in AC Web in any way unpleasant, it may be due to a lack of commitment to reporting by the community. Whenever you see this sort of content, please report it.

    What classifies as abuse?

    Messages such as "go fuck yourself", "cocksucker", "son of a bitch", and even "asshole" sometimes can be enough to warrant a ban. However, because of this classification, certain posts far more subtle may go unpunished. In this case, only a large quantity of such posts can be worthy of a ban (that would be spam and harassment). Otherwise, imagine getting banned for saying a thread sucks - but you should still reserve such comment.

    Why do some violators not get banned?

    Quite simply, they were not reported. It is very important you report every abusive post you find. Once a report has been made, it is sent to the moderators who review the matter and appropriately moderate the content. If it is valid for a ban, they report the content to me, and I then take it from there. In some cases I track down posts directly.

    What are the degrees of bans?

    For a first offence, a user is typically banned two days. In certain circumstances this may be one or three. We're quite strict about learning from one's mistakes, and so a second offence is immediately 10 days. This is then followed by two to three weeks, and eventually bans lasting several months to permanent bans.

    How long before an abusive post is no longer valid?

    72 hours.

    What was I banned for?

    Think carefully about what you have posted in the last few days. We don't publish any abusive comments you have made and feel informing you of the nature of your ban is more than enough. Really, if you don't know what your ban was for, you haven't thought about your activity on the forums hard enough.

    Can I get banned for defending myself?

    If a user abuses you, and even successfully angers you (which is really pathetic), a rebuttal will only hold you viable for a ban as well. What you call justice we simply call juvenile enmity. While they may tempt you to join them in a ban, only you are responsible for the course of your actions, and so the only resolution is the reporting method (yes, pressing that button which I know too few of you do).

    How can I help the staff?

    Report! If you don't know how to, check this post. For reporting Personal Messages, check this post. We rely on your support. After all, a community is nothing without its people. Consider it your duty as moderator's helper to rid unwanted content. Our moderators check every report every day. You pressing that button and writing even just one word really does make a tremendous difference.

    If you have any questions, contact a moderator, myself or admin@ac-web.org.



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