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  • Award System

    I'm happy to announce that we have officially reintroduced the award system to AC Web. We know this has been long overdue!

    What are AC Web Awards?

    Awards are tokens of achievement. You can gain them for accomplishing various tasks, such as being a helpful member, gaining X amount of posts, or making useful contributions to the graphics section. When you have achieved an award, it is displayed on your profile and posts for the public to see.

    Awards can only be issued by AC Web staff. This means that the system will be less affected by the drawbacks of the reputation system, such as rep farming. Below is a list of awards that can be obtained currently, along with the requirements for each. More awards may be added in time.

    If you think you are eligible for one of the awards, make a post here.

    Good luck and happy award hunting!

    What awards can be obtained?

    - Member Of The Month - You must be voted member of the month.
    - Music Lover - Be active within the Music Chat section.
    - Valued Member - A friendly and helpful member on ac-web.
    - Defender - Report threads/posts that breaks the rules
    - Gamer - You must be active within the gaming sub-sections / general.
    - Donator - Donate to ac-web
    - Money Bags - Donate $30 or more.
    - Pot Of Gold - Donate $50 or more.
    - Rockstar - You are a well known user within the community.
    - Shit Poster - Someone who isn't useful, and only posts pure rubbish.
    - Graphics Wizard - Be active within the graphics section
    - Dog Lover - Post pictures of your dog
    - Cat Lover - Post pictures of your cat
    - Chatterbox - Post 500 posts or more
    - Big Mouth - Post 2500 posts or more
    - Wise Man - Post 5000 posts or more
    - Awesome Releases - This will be awarded to users that consistently release great content, such as repacks, scripts or websites.

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    [Looking For]Obsidian Theme

    Thread Starter: Deep Sky

    Hi there.

    Since most of the FusionCMS themes, their links are dead. Could you give me a new link for Obsidian Theme?
    If it's possible,

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    C++ vip command editor,

    Thread Starter: XxTryXx

    we are looking some devs for helping me about adding in to the .vip respawn command CD ofcourse i gonna be pay for his work, please, add me in the skype

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    How to increase gold cap?

    Thread Starter: Fanton

    As the title allready says my question is, is it possible too increase the gold limit of each character?

    currently its limited too 214748g

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    Does anyone know how to change the amount of players required to start a battleground?

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    installing SingleCore_TC-npcbots fail

    Thread Starter: demnoss

    /home/username/SingleCore_TC-npcbots/src/server/game/Maps/Map.cpp: In member function ‘float Map::GetHeight(float, float, float, bool, float) const’:

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    Deep Sky

    Who list bug.

    Thread Starter: Deep Sky

    Hi there.

    There's a bug with Who List. When I am less than lvl 70 it's working. When I am over than lvl 70 all players are hidden like

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    Astaroth - Xtra Fun Server 3.3.5

    Astaroth has probably been the best server i've played on and enjoyed. Things being tuned around level 80 instead of 255 but still having all the talents

    Shlidd Today, 04:48 AM Go to last post

    The Elysium Vanilla Repack

    same here, doesn't work past connecting.

    methious Today, 04:33 AM Go to last post

    Astaroth - Xtra Fun Server 3.3.5

    Quite a fun server, I enjoy the tier system where the lower end doesnt require loads of people to complete and the higher end is more of a "raid"

    God5hot Today, 04:14 AM Go to last post

    [Release] Custom Patches

    Don't mean to necro, but what do you mean by this? I packed it into an MPQ, signed + compressed it and I have no issues so far with it. Also, not to be

    Hiukuss Today, 04:13 AM Go to last post

    The Elysium Vanilla Repack

    I've been running a previous version of your Elysium repack and it worked flawlessly... Yet since I downloaded this latest version I cannot get past "Connected".

    dmc17 Today, 04:04 AM Go to last post

    wow is stuck on 0% update

    thank that work and i made a mistake an use a '$' in front of the user and passwords , oops

    - - - Updated - - -

    thank that

    demnoss Today, 03:50 AM Go to last post