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    Hello AC-Web,

    After a couple months break from our official signature of the week competition, we are back and bigger than ever. Forum legend Baked will be stepping up to host the new competition, and judging by his reputation for creating amazing GFX, it is bound to be a good one. You can find out more at our SOTW forum.

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    1. Farbod's Avatar
      Farbod -
    1. maziu1234's Avatar
      maziu1234 -
      Nice, bump
    1. Ardent's Avatar
      Ardent -
    1. Šeaŧh's Avatar
      Šeaŧh -
      epic banner ^
    1. Sᴜʀɢᴇ's Avatar
      Sᴜʀɢᴇ -
      Banner is not that good I would of expected something a little bit more intriguing .
    1. MrWorld's Avatar
      MrWorld -
      nice banner, perfect!
    1. Tinkerz's Avatar
      Tinkerz -
      Dat banner!
    1. Dawnbringers's Avatar
      Dawnbringers -
      Epic Banner ^_^
    1. AlexeWarr's Avatar
      AlexeWarr -
      nice banner
    1. corebg's Avatar
      corebg -
      Very Good Banner.
    1. Baked's Avatar
      Baked -
      Thanks guys. ;p Now enter.
    1. Veins's Avatar
      Veins -
      Baked, your wish finally came throug! :O
    1. Baked's Avatar
      Baked -
      Yeah to have a SotW actually run when it's supposed to.
    1. fumado's Avatar
      fumado -
      Nice, bump
      Muy bueno!
    1. DediShot's Avatar
      DediShot -

      - - - Updated - - -

    1. Dark Schneider's Avatar
      Dark Schneider -
      nice banner
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