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10-21-2011, 11:53 AM
Welcome to Xepheon WoW. We are a World of Warcraft Server focusing on the classic expansion The Burning Crusade. We are dedicated on providing a fun experience for new and old players. You may be asking, why should I play here? There are many reasons to go back and play on an older server. For one, a lot of people did not like the direction that Blizzard took their game. Wrath of the Lich King was fun for awhile and now with their latest expansion, Cataclysm, it is just going in the wrong direction. The Burning Crusade was the expansion where Blizzard shined. Another reason is of the nostalgia. Some players just want to go back down memory lane and play what they once enjoyed. You do not have to agree with me, but I know I had a great time playing it.

We are focusing on a Fun Server with mainly endgame content. You get Instant 70 upon logon and malls to gear yourself with. We have almost all of our content, spells, classes, and items working. We do have some custom content but don't worry, we do not have any custom gear that will destroy the game play or make things unbalanced. We are focusing on a community too. Without a community, we will not have a server. Members of the community will be able to obtain redemption codes to obtain some neat ingame prizes or items. Members that use social media will obtain other redemption codes as well. Members that help us out and promote us on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other sources of media will get recognition and some incentives for helping us out.

Exp: Instant 70
Profession: 5x
Reputation: 5x
Honor: 5x
Drops: Blizz-Like

End Game
Free: Tier 5 & Season 3 + Level 70 Offsets Up To Item Level 133
Blizz-Like: Tier 6 & Season 4

Maps: Auto Explored/Revealed On Login
Flight Paths: Revealed On Login
Gear: Provided Up To Level 70 Item Level 133
Profession Materials: Provided Up Until Level 60
Skills/Weapon Skills: Automatically Scales Per Level
Resurrection Sickness: Removed
Starter Gold: 100,000 Gold On Character Creation
Arena Points Distribution: Daily
Starter Bags: All 16 Slots

Custom Content
Malls: Xepheon Mall & GM Island Mall (Teleport Item Included on Character Creation)
Teleporter Items: Yes, Reusable Teleport Stones
Teleporter NPC: Yes
Promotional Redemption NPC: Yes, Redeem Items Using Secret Codes
Badge Of Justice Redemption: Yes, Obtain Gold, Honor Points, Arena Points
Duel Resets: Yes, Reset Cooldowns, HP, Mana Before And After Duels

Obtain Badge Of Justice Through Voting
Obtain Additional Teleport Stones Through Voting
Obtain Redemption Codes By Being Active On Our Forums, Joining Our Facebook Page, Checking Out Our Twitter And Much More!
Obtain Special Commands By Donating For A VIP Account
This Is A No Donation Item Server

If you are interested in joining, please read our Server Tutorials (http://www.xepheon.com/forums/server-tutorials/) section of our forums. It will answer most of your questions that you may want to ask and will allow you to download the client to play here. It is a torrent; however, we have a few seed boxes that are seeding it 24/7 at full speeds so it helps you get it faster so you can play. The only thing we ask is, after you are done downloading, please seed the torrent for awhile. It will help ease our servers so we don't run into any nasty bandwidth overages.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you guys ingame.

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